Tola - logs beeing prepared for export by taking away the outside rim 

Transport of a band resaw delivered to a customer in Tanzania . The forklift is slightly overdimensionned isn't it ? 


Some very brave Congolese workers seem to have troubles with a log lying in their way . 

FULLPOWER band resaw FTF-900  N and SWEED CE 300 + father & our youngest daughter


The new reasw is almost ready for ite 1st cuts 

moving in Kinshasa is not always very easy 

Inside a sawmill we are shipping out to Canada, collecting the sawdust is done the good old American style 

dismantling a sawmill in Germany is not necessarily an easy job 


This year our department of recycling plants from SWEED will be our proud.  A worldwide hunger for all kinds of raw materials convinces our customers more and more of the fact that waste shouldn't just be thrown away and therefore they invest in equipment to shorten long scrap bandings .
With shortened metal & plastic bandings, this packaging waste can be reintroduced into the chain of recycling.  Healthy for environment and at the same time financially healthy for our customers.
We have received orders from ARCELOR MITTAL STEEL – LAURAMETAAL – CORUS STAALGROEP.  SWEED manufactured the small Bandit model CE300 for recycling smaller waste streams.

In the department sawmill plants we obtained an order for a saw doctoring room in KISANGANI for customer SODEFOR and a heavy board edger in NIOKI for customer SODEFOR. For SAFIR in ABIDJAN we will ship a levelling and tensioning bank – stellite tipper and flank grinder.
Several other plants will be delivered in different countries.  However,  it does seem to become harder and harder to obtain an order for a completely new sawmill.

OPTIMATIC – equipment will leave for RD CONGO and the Netherlands. (HUPKES HOUTHANDEL) .

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