Tola - logs beeing prepared for export by taking away the outside rim 

Transport of a band resaw delivered to a customer in Tanzania . The forklift is slightly overdimensionned isn't it ? 


Some very brave Congolese workers seem to have troubles with a log lying in their way . 

FULLPOWER band resaw FTF-900  N and SWEED CE 300 + father & our youngest daughter

moving in Kinshasa is not always very easy 

Inside a sawmill we are shipping out to Canada, collecting the sawdust is done the good old American style 

dismantling a sawmill in Germany is not necessarily an easy job 

You will choose for a horizontal logbandmill because its cost for set up & foundation is only 1 10th of same cost with the vertical headrig.

With the full hydraulic technologie made by WRAVOR, your daily production will be only 10% less.

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horizontal logbandmills - SCHULTE HB 20 SCHULTE HB 20

Schulte HB20 Logbandsaw   Headrig ...

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horizontal logbandmills - horizontal logandsaw for tropical logs horizontal logandsaw for tropical logs

Horizonatl lognabdsaw made by NIENKEMPER, model...

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