Mr DEMUNSTER is a unique guy.

Together with his wife Valerie, he has created in no time a factory for stairs in real wood.

Precious woods need to be cut with an eye for quality nd that is why he has decided to install his own sawmill.

No better machine than a full hydraulic PRIULTINI to carefuly hanlde the costfull logs .

This project is a one of its kind because the total mill layout and developpement was designed and build by the owner himself.

All we had to do is give some help where needed .

Also, there is to my knowledge not one single mill in Belgium that comes as close to the CE safety standards as this one. You will have a hard time to get to rotating parts on this unit.

Truly congratulations to the DEMUNSTER team for this special sawmill made to size.

Wagenaarstraat 43
8791 Waregem/Beveren-leie
Tel: +32 56 77 75 17
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