SEYNA now in Canada as well

We have been working almost 3 years on this project. Many (too many) administrative troubles have kept us from finalising this mill set up but our customer is a courageous man and he did not give in. May 2016 we have made the first cuts with this unique sawmill, built up in northern British Colombia. 

The mill has been designed to cut logs up to diameter 2 and up to 18 m long.

Because of all the administrative dificulties, the mill has not been completed so far. We need to go back in summer when the board edger end all the cross cuts will be on site but for the time beeing this mill can start cutting with the (horizontal) bandmill, the automatic vaccuum lift and all the gensets + the sawdoctoring room.

Canada has a remarcable nature and we have enjoyed the trip all the way to Alaska to see bears, moose and whatever amazing beauty off nature was more to be seen (We saw the tale of a whale but it refused to come back for our cameras).

Undoubtably the highlight was our fishing trip on Canada's seawater to catch # 02 HALIBUT fish of which the shortest had 110 cm (43 inch) in length. 


Special thanks to our customer who loved us enough to give us this expearience, Thanks, John.

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