Tola - logs beeing prepared for export by taking away the outside rim 

Transport of a band resaw delivered to a customer in Tanzania . The forklift is slightly overdimensionned isn't it ? 


Some very brave Congolese workers seem to have troubles with a log lying in their way . 

FULLPOWER band resaw FTF-900  N and SWEED CE 300 + father & our youngest daughter

moving in Kinshasa is not always very easy 

Inside a sawmill we are shipping out to Canada, collecting the sawdust is done the good old American style 

dismantling a sawmill in Germany is not necessarily an easy job 

Export of turnkey sawmills with second hand machines

We buy machines or complete sawmills all over Europe. These machines are fully disassembled in our factory.  Each part is inspected, and if needed, it is replaced by a new one or repaired.  Before leaving our workshop, each machine is tested and provided with a new layer of paint.

Our largest trump is our ability to develop a complete turnkey sawmill according to the customer's wishes thanks to our large stock in equipment. Our system works as follows:  the customer communicates his wishes,  the place where he wants to invest, the budget he wants to spend and we start looking for the right equipment to offer him a complete sawmill.

The range of machines we have in stock are:

Apart from this, we specialise in the study and design of projects, in design or automation of sawmills according to our customer's wishes,  yet without any obligation to a specific sawmill equipment manufacturer.

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