Tola - logs beeing prepared for export by taking away the outside rim 

Transport of a band resaw delivered to a customer in Tanzania . The forklift is slightly overdimensionned isn't it ? 


Some very brave Congolese workers seem to have troubles with a log lying in their way . 

FULLPOWER band resaw FTF-900  N and SWEED CE 300 + father & our youngest daughter

moving in Kinshasa is not always very easy 

Inside a sawmill we are shipping out to Canada, collecting the sawdust is done the good old American style 

dismantling a sawmill in Germany is not necessarily an easy job 

Import of machines for automation of grinding rooms within the sawmills from the Optimatic range of products.

OPTIMATIC(made in Switzerland) is the brand name for machines made by Mr. Walter OPPLIGER and this team.

Mr. OPPLIGER is active in the field of manufacturing and maintaining bandsawblade and machines for grinding band saw blades, activity which was passed on from father to son.
After mr OPLIGGER Walter had bought his father's business, he went on manufacturing only  band saw grinders and  swagging appliances for some time.  In 1976 he developed the idea of an automatic band saw blade leveller, an idea he got from Mr. MÖHRI, who was too old to execute his idea himself.  The concept existed in 2 sets of pressure rolls hollow on one side and crowned on the other side.  Simple yet brilliant, as has been proven in practice.

The idea he bought consisted in only a few sketches, nothing more. So the idea had to mature for some years and in 1983  OPTIMATIC was present at the LIGNA fair exhibiting for the first time a machine that was capable of levelling blades with a width up to 300 mm.

This introduction at LIGNA had a large impact and at the second LIGNA fair, an American citizen took a large interest in that machine.
In America, only wide saw blades are used to saw the logs. These blades run on flat wheels (not usual in Europe), and therefore the levelling of the blades is even more important to them than to us.
It wasn't just any American who took an interest in that machine,  no it was the agent of SIMONDS,  the largest manufacturer of  saw blades for sawmills in America (and probably worldwide).
They wanted a machine capable of levelling wide saw blades. A saw blade of the size 17.500 x 420 x 2,11 mm was sent over from the USA to Switzerland and an American inspector came to see the results obtained by the machine of OPTIMATIC.
Now a days, more than 400 machines are sold in America under the name SIMONDS. Simonds – leveller has become a notion in the American world of sawmills.  Many a machine operates in a “24 hours round the clock system”, also during the weekends.
The machine is set up in a saw mill and often has to operate under severe weather conditions (Canada).  There are machines that already count as much as 30.000 operating hours.
OPTIMATIC continued its development of new ideas.  A machine has been built for levelling circular saw blades, e.g. especially for the American market a machine for levelling circular saw blades was built (model KRO 950, afterwards perfectionated by the model KRO 910).  Moreover a machine (model SMO 930) for correct band saw tensioning and back straightening was manufactured.
Today, other and newer ideas are being developed, but obviously we will not reveal too much about them, until we are absolutely sure of their results.   The range of machines include:
  • Pneumatic swage for band saws, model  PSE 810

Strong :  swaging and side dressing in 1 tour of the swage.
                interchangeable swage bar on bearings
  • Band saw leveller model RMO 940 and RMO 950

Strong : OPTIMATIC uses a system of crowned and hollow wheels for removing all abrasion and bumps from the plates without hammering.  This system has been copied by many a colleagues
The machine's construction allows to operate a high precision machine with a minimum of scholarship.
Machine model RMO 940 is equipped with a double pressure system, allowing saw blade manufacturers to quickly level badly worn blades. 

Model RMO 950 is cheaper and is sometimes referred to as the "sawmill model”. 
  • Band saw tensioning and back straightening machine,  model SMO 930

Strong : This machine is capable of independently (combined with the leveller RMO) tension a saw blade, exactly in the same way as you would do it with the former levelling – tensioning bench.
No need to introduce the desired tension over CNC or computer,  all it takes is to introduce a pre-formed template.
The machine will not undertake any tensioning or levelling without measuring, and in this way possible mistakes are excluded as of the beginning.

Very easy to use thanks to the machine concept that is accessible to anyone (one doesn't have to be a computer wizard to understand this machine).
PATENTED for this machine : measuring of blade tension on a detached saw blade.  This means that saw blade tension is measured at a spot where it is FULLY detached, and so no external factors influence the blade.  We only measure the tension of the blade.
  • COMBINED machine (tensioning, levelling and straightening)
    model RSMO 980

Strong : combination of the machine models RMO 950 and SMO 930, provided with an additional electronic control for levelling saw blades even more.
Room-saving in the grinding room thanks to the combination of both machines into 1 machine
In using a combined machine, you no longer have to replace a blade from one machine to the other.  It is particularly suited for bigger saw blades.

Total solution for blade tensioning, levelling and straightening of band saws.  Only 1 machine required.
  • Machine for tensioning and levelling circular saws.  model KRO 950.
This machine includes our first steps in the field of levelling circular saws.  In this model, the saw blades are measured and adjusted in horizontal position.  This machine is built only on request.  The new KRO 970 will replace this one in full.
  • Machine for levelling circular saw blades, with laser measuring system model KRO 970

Strong : This machine uses no-contact technology, so the saw blade can also be measured in a vertical position.
This machine is capable of measuring and levelling the saw blade more precisely, since the saw blade is measured a first time in unclamped condition and during a second measuring tour the saw blade is clamped.
Measuring with a laser allows to find out whether a default in the blade is caused by blade dish formation (warming up) or by bumps in the blade.  This is of particular interest for saw blades that are used in the heavy American “spline arbor edgers”.

Thanks to the integrated pneumatic control, this machine is easy to operate. You don't have to be a saw mill wizard to operate this machine.
PATENTED in this machine: the possibility to make a difference between a default due to dish formation or a fault due to bumps in the saw blade.

What is the importance of SEYNA in the OPTIMATIC - story ?
SEYNA possess the exclusive distribution rights for OPTIMATIC machines in the BENELUX countries and in FRANCE.  
SEYNA is in charge of deliveries and after sales service in these countries.
We make sure to keep a continuous stock of spare parts for these machines, so that we can guarantee a service within 24 hours (for extremely large parts, 4 working days)

Apart from that, SEYNA is in charge of commercialising and negotiating sales of the OPTIMATIC machines in French-speaking countries worldwide.
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