Tola - logs beeing prepared for export by taking away the outside rim 

Transport of a band resaw delivered to a customer in Tanzania . The forklift is slightly overdimensionned isn't it ? 


Some very brave Congolese workers seem to have troubles with a log lying in their way . 

FULLPOWER band resaw FTF-900  N and SWEED CE 300 + father & our youngest daughter


The new reasw is almost ready for ite 1st cuts 

moving in Kinshasa is not always very easy 

Inside a sawmill we are shipping out to Canada, collecting the sawdust is done the good old American style 

dismantling a sawmill in Germany is not necessarily an easy job 

Import of linear scrap choppers, brand name Sweed (USA)

No man living in the field of woodworking doesn't know that stacks of wood are held together wit straps, either plastics or steel. 

It takes to remove the straps if one wants to get to the wood but what to do with these straps once they became useless ? It can be thrown on a large pile preferably somewhere in the middle of the yard and become a beautifull pile of rust inside the company.  PET straps are often thrown away in the dumpster bin and than get to spoil nature.

With the choppers made by SWEED, the volume of straps is reduced 20 to 1 or even 30 to 1 with certain customers and than you can sell it for recycling. 

SEYNA has been importing SWEED CHOPPERS since 1999.

If you want to learn how it works, please have a look at our specialised website and find video's or testimonials of customers there. 

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